We are commited to being accessible to all people.

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Pack Leading

Our Products

Building experiences that include all people and strive to provide an equal opportunity within ticketing on the web.

  • Ballet performer in rainbow sleeveless dress dancing in the street.

    Management Portal

    Software that boosts revenue and drives top class customer experiences. Take control of your productions and performances in a software package that embraces creativity.

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    Booking Portal

    A purchase experience designed to achieve your revenue goals. Designed to be modern and slick, you can rest assured your customers will love it.

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    Customer Portal

    Open your customers up to a network of other theatres allowing them to keep up to date and manage purchases within a single place.

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    Relationship Portal

    Manage customers, sales and relationships with our fully optimized CRM Solution. We make it easy to give your audience the experience they expect and deserve.

Who We Work With

Empowering brands regardless of size to create impactful experiences for their customers.

  • Individual Artists

    From backyard performances to sold out tours, We handle the heavy lifting and provide an out the box solution to promote and sell tickets to your performances.

  • Agencies

    Built with multi-organisation support at its core, Our products make it easy to manage all your clients in one easy to access place without restrictions.

  • Venues

    We empower you every step of the way by providing the tools you need to automate and manage roles within your business. We help you save costs and provide maximum value.

  • Organisations

    We support multi-person teams and allow organisation owners to delegate permissions to members. Automate as you desire and play each team member to their strength.

We Are Beyond Standard

Modern systems driven by web standards that empower brands to create a lasting user experience.

  • Security Compliant

    Keep your organisation safe with two-factor authentication available out-the-box.

  • Future Focussed Technology

    Maximum possible up-time for services with round the clock support and end-to-end monitoring.

  • Reliable & Scalable Infrastructure

    Infrastructure monitoring and a system that scales automatically to suit your customers’ needs.

  • Focus On The User

    We build in new features with a focus on the user’s experience. Join the partners program or post on the public road map to help us shape the future of the platform.

  • Transparent Pricing

    You only pay for what you need using the multiple available pricing tiers.

  • Updates Included

    We don't charge for new features or fixes to existing platforms.

Get Started

All the tools you need to drive revenue and create lasting experiences provided out the box with minimal setup required.

  • 1.

    Create Your Profile

    Create a single account to sign into all Ticket Husky products, that’s one password to rule them all.

  • 2.

    Invite Your Team

    Allocate roles and drive productivity across your team with built-in audit logs and access restrictions for all features.

  • 3.

    Choose Your Plan

    Our transparent pricing tier makes it easy to save money and embrace a system that scales with you.

  • 4.

    Create Your Vision

    Utilise powerful feature builders to create the experience you envision for your customers.

  • 5.

    Link Your Domain

    Our products are ready to go out the box, just simply link your domain name and let us handle the rest.

  • 6.

    Watch The Sales Flow

    With our robust architecture we adapt to suit any demand, you can leave the selling to us and spend more time on creating hit events.