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Release Notes November 2020 - January 2021

The latest updates from the delivery team at Ticket Husky in regards to the products and services we offer.

Message From Our Founder

Hi folks, it’s been a busy few months for us here at Ticket Husky! You might have seen the new site go live this month for the New Year and the new brand updates so I thought it would be best to make this post a longer one and run through exactly what we have been working the past months and make it a regular update. This way, moving forward, we will be able to share with you the cool features we are integrating to the platform as well as our other projects that we provide to share the cool features we are integrating to the platform.

Company Updates

New Brochure Site

The biggest change if you have been a Ticket Husky fan for a while is the new website went live this month. This was a big effort by the team over the Christmas period and we are delighted at how the result turned out! We feel the new site reflects our brand effectively and provides more insight into what our company is working on and planning to deliver.

Screenshot of the Ticket Husky brochure website.
Screenshot of the Ticket Husky brochure website.

We used the technical side of this project as an opportunity to try out the approach of using a headless API source with a fully detached frontend as we plan to use the same technology within the products we offer.

The result was quite surprising and turned out to be very effective in enabling us to deliver a faster, more robust and accessible website to the end-user. The technology stack we chose also allowed the team to cut the delivery time in half (!), completing the entire build in 1 month without a sacrifice in quality.

Updated Brand Image

We rolled out our new branding for the first time. We have shifted towards a darker colour palette and using the primary colours as more of a neon style across the company image.

We have realigned our brand colours to reflect the company values of empathy, ambition, trust and integrity. We want to ensure that every message we send reflects our mission and we thought the best place to start would be the brand.

Screenshot of the title screen of the brand playbook pdf. Shows the words ticket in white and husky in pink.
Preview of the Brand Playbook.

Our brand fonts have also shifted to using more established, strong and suitable typefaces with the motivation behind being to introduce font faces that are strong and easily identifiable but also offer a softer reading experience. Our title font Inter has been chosen based on its mechanical skeleton features to reflect the Innovation side of the business, and our body font Hind has been chosen to represent the empathetic approach our company has towards building accessible products.

We have now also moved further in our efforts to provide an accessible experience by providing full support for OpenDyslexic which can be toggled as the primary font styling across all of our products and services to help users with Dyslexia more effectively interact and understand our messaging.

Read more about our branding and the motivation behind the changes within our Brand Playbook.

Platform Updates

Media Management

We have just completed the implementation of a new Media Management feature into the platform, complete with 3rd party integrations to help alleviate the pains of choosing impactful images for your productions.

Screenshot of the media management portal. Website showing multiple images as squares with bar showing available filters.
Preview of the media management portal.

Our management solution allows you to upload all the media from your productions on the platform within a quick to access and easy to manage way. We support across platform tagging that allows you to assign labels to productions, images, venue maps and more! Then filter to each within features to effectively isolate only the tags you wish to see.

We have fully integrated with Unsplash to bring free, high-quality and ready-to-use images straight into the platform, allowing you to take the hassle out of choosing the perfect image for your production while also providing the full freedom of using your own.

Screenshot of the Unsplash feature within the management portal. Shows an overlay with multiple images for the user to select from.
Preview of the Integration with Unsplash

By harnessing the power of Unsplash and the access to its near-unlimited supply of open and free-to-use images we look forward to seeing what our users can accomplish. We will follow up with a video overview of this feature in the coming weeks so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss it.

Moving forward

Over the next month, we are looking to incorporate the new brand image further into the products and align all software solutions with the new look and feel. We are also starting the Venue Map designer feature which should be coming to a completed state around March and a follow-up post running over full feature set will soon follow.

From the full team at Ticket Husky we would like to thank you for the continued support in reading our updates, Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and we will keep you up to date with the pack leading solutions we are implementing within our products.

Have a great week, everyone!.

Craig Pryde

Founder & CTO

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