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Four Tips for Enjoying a Safe Evening at the Theatre

The reopening of arts venues is in full swing! Though everyone is thrilled to get back to normal, some are hesitant to return to the theatre over personal safety concerns.

With the right precautions, you can put those worries aside and enjoy a fantastic performance.

After what has felt like forever, in-person performances are back! Many theatres across the UK will open their doors again this summer, and everyone from the patrons to the staff and performers are excited to return to live events.

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Reopening is a step forward, but it doesn’t mean a full return to normal just yet. Experts predict it could be several years before the UK returns to the standard of no masks and no gathering restrictions, and only 24% of people in the UK currently feel safe attending in-person events. To get more people comfortable with returning to the theatre, it’s important to follow safety precautions to ensure events are both fun and increase the spread of COVID-19. To help you prepare for seeing your first performance in the theatre, we’ve gathered four tips to keep you safe when you return.

Wear a mask, but make it fashionable

Mask wearing at events will be a given because it reduces infection risk by a whopping 65%. To get the full protective benefits of mask-wearing, make sure yours covers both your nose and mouth and has a snug fit. But above all, choose something fun! You could coordinate your mask with your outfit, choose a fabric that fits into the theme of the performance, add sparkly bling, or rock a vibrant colour. Masks are a necessary safety precaution, but they can still be part of the joy of returning to the theatre. Tip for organizations: feature best masks on social media to encourage mask-wearing in a fun way.

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

Since cleanliness is an important part of keeping yourself and other patrons safe at performances, be prepared! Pack hand sanitiser or disinfectant wipes to use after touchpoints such as handling pens, grabbing a door handle, or using the restroom. And remember that even with using sanitisers, nothing beats washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. This not only keeps you safer from COVID-19 but helps protect you against other illnesses such as the common cold.

Opt for a no-touch keychain

With so many touchpoints throughout a venue, a no-touch keychain with a stylus is a great way to minimize risk while navigating a performance venue. Use your no-touch keychain to tap elevator buttons, and open door handles or tap touchscreens. Not only is a no-touch keychain a lightweight and small accessory to carry, but it offers peace of mind while you navigate a theatre.

Follow directions

When you arrive at a venue before a performance, you’ll notice changes. Signs will indicate new traffic patterns, seats may be blocked off for better social distancing, or you may go through a health check before entering the theatre. Each of these changes is in place to ensure safety for everyone at the event and make sure you feel comfortable attending. Following the directions will ensure the theatres can remain open for everyone to enjoy.

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After over a year of lockdowns and social distancing, people are excited for a return to normalcy. Still, we understand that not everyone will immediately want to attend in-person events. People are concerned about their personal safety, and with so many digital options still available, they don’t feel a rush to start leaving their homes. Though we predict attendance may be low for some time, we believe that the industry will bounce back beginning in 2022. No matter what the attendance or over what medium, we are thrilled to see artists and audiences continuing to connect during such a difficult time.

Are you planning to attend performances when they reopen? What safety precaution is most important to you? Let us know on our social channels!

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