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Extended Experiences

Open your customers up to a network of other theatres allowing them to keep up to date and manage purchases within a single place.

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  • Single Account Solution

    One account to log into all sites powered by Ticket Husky. Reduce the hassle for customers and allow us to recommend new experiences based on past purchases.

  • Watch List & News Feed

    Optimised news-feed complete with watch list aimed at making keeping customers up to date simple in a social media inspired way.

  • Package Management

    Easily manage purchased packages and quick access to complete ticket purchases when they become available on the platform.

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Support Center

Let customers reach you when it matters most. With the fluid integration into the Ticket Husky Relationship Manager we make support easy for agents and customers.

  • Payment Management

    Manage payment methods and contact information in a single easy to access place.

  • Order History

    Easy access to transaction history and management of their purchases.

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    Downloadable Tickets

    Provide instant access to event tickets that are ready to download on the day of purchase.

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