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This edition of the Meet the Team series introduces you to our Social Media Coordinator Ducky.

Meet Our Social Media Coordinator Ducky

What is your role?

At Ticket Husky I am the Social Media Coordinator.

Alright, that sounds cool but what exactly have you been up to?

Since joining Ticket Husky it’s been my job to keep the company social accounts full and up to date. I also dip my toes into the Customer Support side of things as well as help out with live chats and emails. We’re all good at helping each other at Ticket Husky so wherever I can help out, I try.

What is it that you like about working at Ticket Husky?

The thing I like most about working at Ticket Husky is how determined and fun everyone is. No matter what the task is, everyone is willing and ready to get their feet down and work hard on achieving the dream.

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What are the values that drive you?

The main value that drives me when working with the web is accessibility. This ties in well and makes working at Ticket Husky even better as the company is founded on making the services we provide accessible and usable by all. The web is a great tool and service, and everyone should be able to use it regardless of the ability.

What do you enjoy most when not working?

When not working I enjoy gaming, streaming, and chilling out to music. Some great ways to relax, lose myself, and escape from the world.

Favourite Quote

Life is too short to be matching socks.

(Ducky 2016)

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