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This edition of the Meet the Team series introduces you to our Founder & CTO Craig.

Meet Our Founder & CTO Craig

What is your role?

I lead the team in vision and technology as the Founder & CTO.

Alright, that sounds cool but what exactly have you been up to?

I handle the business day to day and focus primarily on the product design and development at Ticket Husky. From front to back I define our tech stack and ensure that what we are building meets best practices and aligns with the vision we have for our products.

What is it that you like about working at Ticket Husky?

Our team! Honestly we have a great team here at Ticket Husky. We all share similar motivations and passions which leads to a great culture and a passionate atmosphere. I don’t think we would be anywhere near where we are sitting now if it wasn’t for the team.

Shout out to Pauline & Ducky, you guys really are leading the pack!

The technology stack we are using is also a huge drive for me, we are working with very high standards and expectations towards quality and accessibility which is pushing innovation and driving creative solutions to ensure we deliver a great end user experience.

User focused, you can’t lose with that.

Man and woman in ice hockey tops holding a scarf above their heads.

What are the values that drive you?

Passion has to be the main value that drives me. Day in day out Ticket Husky provides challenges that push me out of my comfort zone and I think that if i didn’t love what I did it would be hard to keep going.

Curiosity is the other driving factor to what I am doing here with Ticket Husky. Seeing the idea go from initial chats through to reality is really rewarding and doing it in a way that promotes quality and accessibility allows me to channel my passion for creativity in a positive direction.

What do you enjoy most when not working?

I’m a huge Boston Bruins fan so when not working I’ll catch up on Ice Hockey or pop over to Braehead to watch the Glasgow clan play. I also love artsy and adventure games. I’m a fan of Dontnod’s Life is Strange series and just finished playing through the new game they released called “Tell me why”.

If I’m not found gaming or watching hockey I’m usually tinkering with something tech related. Computer vision has been taking my interest as of late and I’ve been playing around with generating accessible text for images using the Microsoft cognitive search service. Super fun stuff and hopeful something we can bake into the heart of Ticket Husky’s products.


Now you listen to me. You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course. Stick to it, no matter the squalls!

(John Silver - Treasure Planet)

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